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Commercial Solar Panels - Our commercial solar panels that we use in North Carolina and South Carolina are designed with the Carolina's
geographical area in mind.  You are invited to consult with one of our expert designers no matter what your solar needs are.  We offer unlimited sizes
and configurations, and we have the ability to meet them.  With a diverse portfolio of completed projects, Solar Power Sunrooms has overcome the
challenges of location, size and custom applications.  Our commercial department works with you to design a structure that meets your needs.  Whether
a solar canopy, solar carport or solar covered parking lot, customized racking system, solar skylight application, solar freestanding pergola, solar
covered breezeway, etc.  
Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station
With electric vehicles on the verge of filling our streets,
Florian Solar, in collaboration with Sanyo North America,
Portland General Electric, the Oregon Museum of
Science and Industry and In Spec Group's Energy
Solutions division has completed an uniquely innovative
application for electric transportation.  This is the first of
many such systems already in production by Florian.

This 8.2KW solar canopy is capable of producing up to
10,000 kWh per year.
This project is located in Atlanta, GA.  This
commercial solar panels application is an
example of our Sunport Series, custom designed
to fit the building and to be installed quickly on
site.  Our engineering team laid out the entire
commercial solar panel system virtually, and
when it wouldn't fit the building just right, we had
tempered safety glass decoy panels made to
make up the size differences.  Our commercial
solar panels team worked diligently on designing
this system so that there would be no problems
when it came time to be installed.  We will work
with you in all aspects of your project.
TD Bank's new 3,800 sq ft first green
LEED certified prototype store located at
214-32 Jamaica Avenues Queens Village,
NY.  This store features two Florian
Commercial Solar Panels Systems.  One
over the entrance in a trellis design and
the other over the three lane drive-thru
housing 72 Sanyo HIT bifacial
photovoltaic modules.
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