The Solar Power Sunroom Advantage: offers a pre-fabricated, fully designed structure that gives you
superior design, superior materials, and superior performance.
Feature after feature, our structures standards show up as costly options in other brands. With
a wide range of standard sizes to choose from, plus unlimited custom design capability.  All
backed by a company with 70 years of architectural experience.
Taxes: Florian's Solar Products qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit (ITC) - The
tax credit is equal to 30% of the price of products outlined in the solar plan. Not to mention
state & local solar incentives possibly available. Some parts of country have huge solar
incentives so good you may get the room as much as 75% off the cost of the room.
Power Bill: Reduce or eliminate your power bill. Solar power is most abundant when utility
company power is most expensive. “Peak-Shave” – a solar power system which knocks out
50% of usage, can reduce an electric bill by 65%.

Living Space: Allow your imagination to soar in ways you never thought possible. Whether
you desire your new addition to be a living room, solarium, family spot, dining area, or personal
hideaway, our systems beauty is unique to the solar market. With exacting specifications, your
space is built to the highest standards in the industry. Even with its extremely upscale look and

Re-Sale Value: Add beauty and value to your home -120% Value of Dollars spent. (Consult
your realtor for specifics)

The Solar Power Sunroom System
Added module efficiency; since the module will now be in a controlled temperature
environment, our early estimates show a 15% increase in power production.
Pre-Engineered to meet all load requirements. Each enclosure sold is designed for its specific

-We use only thick heavy duty extruded aluminum that is strong enough for any
CRF (Condensation Resistance Factor) Rating -We lead the industry. What is CRF? One of
the most important ratings you should look for when selecting your glass enclosure. Florian
leads the industry with an unbeatable rating of 65 in our frame (backed by laboratory testing).
This will help you reduce energy costs and stop condensation from destroying your room.
The only sunroom to offer a tamper-proof nylon clip system, which gives the framing
unbeatable energy efficiency for maximum comfort. Our solar power sunroom panels offer
even pressure between frame, gasket, & glass. No screws to strip. Most manufacturers start
with reasonably well-insulated designs, and then put their units together with metal screws or
bolts! Each of these hundreds of fasteners conducts heat and cold right through the so-called
thermally broken frame.

-We include a weep system built into each enclosure with a pre-slopped sill
Optional Ridge Vent System to create airflow throughout the enclosure. Our sunroom panels
have a Heavy-duty 5-fin E.P.D.M rubber gasket around each pane of glass. Some
manufacturers still use thin window gaskets from years ago.
300 standard sizes available.
Standard colors come in Bronze or White baked on enamel. Also available are anodized and
custom colors.

-Solar Power Sunrooms offer a wide variety of accessories
We offer accessories ranging from cresting & finals, sliding doors, commercial doors, sliding
windows, and awning windows. our glass is insulated with Super Spacer Structural foam
systems the environmental choice for high-performance, durable, warm edge insulating. Less
conductive spacer provides optimized energy savings. This spacer is also energy star rated.

-We qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit
Florian's Solar Structures qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit (ITC). The tax credit
is equal to 30% of the price of products outlined in the solar plan. Not to mention state & local
solar incentives possibly available. More information on this available at this Website:

-The Solar Energy Industries Association has published a three-page document that provides
answers to frequently asked questions regarding the federal tax credits for solar energy.
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